G Marshall Johnson & Associates

G Marshall Johnson & Associates have been offering sales training and coaching for more than twenty years. They have served thousands of clients across the nation. The goal of G Marshall Johnson and Associates has been, and continues to be to help the business professionals they serve to overcome what we call the “Prison of Indecision.”

It is our goal to help our clients increase their soft skills and to improve in each area of our core competencies:

We know that each individual and each company is unique. Our goal is to maximize these strengths and help our customers to compensate for their weaknesses and put systems in place to achieve the highest purpose for our client, their employees and their customers.

Each of our areas of expertise offers the following ingredients:

Positive Daily Habits

Attitudes for Accomplishment

Skills and Processes for Goal attainment

Much of our work has been in the financial arena. G. Marshall Johnson and Associates excels in working with Property & Casualty executives, Financial Advisors and Community Banks and products for those industries. Our roots are in tangible sales through Xerox & Canon both corporate and dealer side.

Please take a moment to review our site and take advantage of the various downloads that are available.

Better yet, take the time now to consider the kind of issues that you and your company are facing. If you need a little help dealing with the day to day changes that are taking place in your field, take the time to send us an email or give us a call and let’s discuss our partnership. It may be the most important call that you will ever make. 704.953.0804 OR email me george@gmarshalljohnson.com

Create a great day!

G Marshall Johnson and Associates