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George Marshall Johnson

G Marshall Johnson

G Marshall Johnson is a life time business professional. G Marshall uses techniques that are rarely taught and more important used by only the upper echelon of sales professionals. G Marshall now uses the dynamics of the new world market to unleash positive dynamics with individuals and organizations.

G Marshall learned the hard way that chasing prospects and goals only keeps them out of reach. From door to door selling in college to the New York Stock Exchange G Marshall created strategies, tactics and operations that work.

Marshall learned about the science of business involves the art of social actions and the relationships that are most important for a high performance executive. From Sam Zells office in Chicago, to Henry Hillmans Empire in Pittsburgh, and the Wall Street mavens the journey of an executive who has been part of building great organizations is the story that keeps on growing.

G Marshall has taken these principles, perfected them, built systems around them, and can now apply them anywhere to grow willing people and organizations.

G Marshall continues to be involved in developing methods that are suited to the new world of communications. A serial entrepreneur in industries including office products, financial services, payment processing, furniture and legal support, and analytical consulting he now helps others to approach their work and their lives from a position of positive power.

Beth Pesakoff

Beth Pesakoff

Beth is the leader of Presenting for the Bottom Line. With 20 years of acting experience and being a insurance professional, she brings both experiences to teach you how to achieve your dreams through speaking and presenting. Join Beth for our next Presenting for the Bottom Line.