Paul Godkin, Project Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

I have had to speak in public many times, and have always been nervous. In a matter of two days—G Marshall turned this around. I went from someone who was very nervous and uncomfortable speaking in front of a crowd, to a confident and “fun” speaker that can keep my audiences attention throughout the entire presentation. G Marshall’s professionalism and expertise in this field is unsurpassed. His staff is very supportive. I have been through many training classes and workshops, but none have been as transformational for me as this course. Thank you G Marshall for helping me to overcome my fear of speaking, and helping to change public speaking from something I dreaded, to something I look forward to now.

Matt Daniels, Employee United Way of the Carolinas

I cannot express how exceptional this seminar was. It was a transformational experience, and I’ve had a moderate amount of public speaking experience, but with expertise I was able to take it to a new, higher level! G Marshall has an honest passion about helping people reach their potential and feel encouraged in front of an audience, large or small. I would DEFINITELY recommend this seminar for ANYONE who ever holds presentations, and more importantly, I would trust ANY seminar, career coaching, or consulting from G Marshall Johnson. He truly is a step above, and I cannot emphasize enough how his passion for helping people is easily seen, felt, and heard in his enthusiasm for the topic. Please do yourself a favor and sign up for one of the many opportunities offered by G Marshall Johnson & Associates!

Marcy H. Huey Sales and Business Development Professional

Wow! I had the privilege of being with G Marshall for an intense 2 day public speaking course. Those of us who were a part of this personalized course walked away with a new found confidence and working knowledge about the fundamentals of public speaking. GMarshall is very energetic, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work. G Marshall is not only a gifted teacher but a tremendous coach and motivator. This course would be invaluable for anyone working with the public – whether in a teaching, public speaking, management or selling position. You should take advantage of G Marshall’s talents and expertise if you want to improve your communication skills.

Eugenia Kaneshige, Managing Partner Norwood Career Advisors, LLC

G Marshall’s two-day workshop is much more than a collection of tips and techniques for making better speeches. For those who are receptive, it is a transformative experience. The magnitude of improvement made by everyone in my class was remarkable, regardless of their initial level of competence. For some, the boost to self-confidence was life-altering. Whether you are actively engaged in selling a product or a service, or simply need to present yourself and your ideas with authority, G Marshall’s laser coaching will bring you a giant step closer to your goal. Even people who have belonged to a speakers club for many years would benefit greatly from this game-changing seminar.

Pete Marriott, Regional Sales Director OneAmerica, Charlotte, NC

G Marshall is a true expert! He helped my presentations come alive to truly differentiate myself when talking to groups. The course presenting for the bottom line is a must to take your presentations to the next level!

Allison Waller, Director Government Affairs

The course was valuable, challenging and thought provoking. It put me out of my comfort zone in the best possible way while building upon my strengths. Not only do I feel like I have gained tools to help me be a better public speaker, but the individualized coaching helped me gain general confidence I didn’t necessarily realize I was lacking. I would recommend this course to any professional, and am very grateful that I was able to be a part of it.

JHG Financial Advisors Jud Gee, Managing Partner

G Marshall was a great coach and helped me bring my story into context as well as make it executable and actionable. The fear of speaking is very high and he brought it down to a level that we can all feel comfortable with. I recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their speaking skills.

Michael Teague Edwards Church & Muse

G Marshall did a great job of facilitating an environment that allowed participants to learn and grow without fear of what others thought.

Jud Gee, Managing Partner JHG Financial Advisors

G Marshall was a great coach and helped me bring my story into context as well as make it executable and actionable. The fear of speaking is very high and he brought it down to a level that we can all feel comfortable with. I recommend his services to anyone looking to improve their speaking skills.

Clay Andrews, VP Investor Relations Charlotte Regional Partnership

G Marshall is great at taking a scary subject such as public speaking, and creating an atmosphere of support and creativity that makes it both easy and fun to learn better public speaking skills (As unlikely as that sounds, it’s true!). He teaches both the objective mechanics of how to plan, write and deliver the speech, and the more subjective components such as how to personalize the speech with emotions such as humor and drama so the audience actually listens to what the speaker is saying. This is a very worthwhile class for anyone who has to stand before a group of people to speak frequently. Even if you think you are good, you’ll be surprised at how much better you can be!

Pete Marriott One America Retirement Services
At first, it was hard to leave my comfort zone, however being different has helped me in growing my business. Having George on my team has improved my professionalism to my clients.
Terry Johanssen Insurance Professional


I like your calm, patient demeanor and confident manner with which you hold yourself.

Your class made everyone a winner.

Wm. L Johnson<br /> Southern Zone Manager Ricoh Corporation
Congratulations, the work you and Arthur provided has resulting in winning one of our largest major account orders to date.
Gary Bass<br /> Vice-President Arthur J. Gallagher
Hard to admit it, but your stuff really works.
Derek Schott Netsafe Technologies
Simplifying the message and implementing your process has caused a direct and measureable positive effect on my business.
Michael Teague<br /> Producer Hood Hargett & Associates
The programs focusing on daily habit and developing our sales telephone skills with increased appointments have helped our company achieve the 1st quarter plan.
L.A. Smith Ken Smith Inc.
The on-going sales development program has made a positive impact on our sales and my personal career development