Blitz By Phone

Setting Appointments with Executives

The phone is the fastest and most economical way to reach out for new clients.

The problem is that most professionals are not taught how to target and reach the executives they need to meet.

I have created a workshop that will allow your professionals to have a specific program to put into their personal marketing plan to insure new appointments on a consistent basis.

How do you do that?

The program has been developed over 25 years of practice. Yes, practice. Your doctor and lawyer actually just practice their craft, we as professionals also need to practice and adapt to changing communication methods.

This is either a one or two day workshop that is hands on. From the beginning, we create scripts and give the professional tools to easily answer the common “pushbacks” from clients, that as well as knowing the strategic reasons that a decision maker uses to let you in the door.

Ask yourself, do you and your sales professionals know a process for getting appointments by phone every day that you want to?

Only you know the answer.

So grab the phone and give me a call. Let’s see if this skill can help you reach your goals.

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