Our small business consultants help the small business owner improve his or her business operations. A consultant may specialize in a specific area, such as information technologies, human resources, or marketing, or may offer general services in all areas of business. The overall goal of our small business consultants is to help make a business better through addressing problems and recommending solutions.

After engagement our staff communicates with employees, reviews documents, and watches day-to-day business operations to understand what problems exist and why. Job duties of a small business consultant include forming solutions to problems and presenting those analyses to the business owner.

A consultant works closely with the business owner and employees to gather information used to assess what changes need to be made to solve problems, improve the business, and reach goals.

After gathering and analyzing information a consultant may develop reports for the business owner detailing solutions, such as developing training programs, creating an employee handbook, creating new reporting systems, purchasing new equipment, and changing workplace layout.

Our areas of competency include:

  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Information technology

Please email George@gmarshalljohnson.com or call 704.609.3426.

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