Sales & Management Training!

Our sales program consists of 15 modules that give the definitive skills that can install a methodology and a program that always works.
From Prospecting, Initial Meeting through Presentation, Sale and Post-Sell our method uses the latest methods in human development skills to make your sales training dollar go further.

This program is 16 hours and is heavily involved with role play and video on camera evaluation. Nothing exist like this program for a “fast start” growth plan. This program is “life-changing” . This is our “Flagship” program.

Consulting Services


G Marshall will assess your current environments and the impact they are having on implementation and performance, and recommend changes based on the science of social relationship metrics..

G Marshall is a master at interpreting your organization’s challenges and problems through the science of social dynamics and redefining those challenges as stepping stones to the next level of achievement. Warning: You’ll get a healthy reality check! You’ll also get a blueprint to obliterate or overcome your challenges and move forward. Marshall’s uncanny mastery of implementation particularly benefits his clients, and his knack for redefining challenges as hidden opportunities will give you a new competitive edge. This analytical analysis is unique as it covers 128 areas that need to be review in running a success business.


“Here’s Where You’re At” is a result of our on-line metric that is followed up with a 45 minute evaluation of You. Each person has strengths and areas of concern our report of findings that will give you a clear picture of where your hidden problem areas lie.
contact us to schedule a call to discuss consulting or assessments for your organization.

Executive Retreats

G Marshall is available to facilitate executive retreats and report on changes needed to increase effectiveness.

In addition, each year G Marshall has retreats in Aspen, Quebec City and San Francisco. Please contact us to inquire.

Small Business Owners

Marketing Plans

Are you at a dead-end with lead generation? Are you or your people cold calling with dismal results because you simply don’t know how? Are you ready to unleash an unstoppable supply of hot, qualified leads that come in consistently ?
If you answered “yes” to any of the above, it’s time to leverage Marshall’s unique expertise as the undisputed expert on generating sales leads with cold calling. Marshall is available on a limited basis for consulting projects with small business including:

  • Fact-finding, assessments, and presentation of findings based on your current situation.
  • Assessment of your target market(s) and demographic(s).
  • Recommendations for specific marketing strategies and venues that will generate measurable results.
  • Recommendations and format for internet marketing strategy including web design & copy, follow-up systems, viral marketing mechanisms, drip marketing and more.
  • Recommendations for gaining mainstream media coverage without expensive PR firms.
  • Step-by-step blueprint for implementation of Marshall’s recommendations – you will benefit from the unique ability to implement quickly and effectively.
  • Web site design and implementation (optional)
  • Viral marketing systems construction and implementation (optional)
  • Google AdWords campaign building and implementation (optional)

If you are a small business owner or marketing executive and are ready to unleash a consistent supply of hot, ready-to-buy leads, contact us today (qualification interview required)

For Meeting Planners


For a compelling, informative, dynamic meeting keynote, please contact us today contact us.